Black Widow 2 Moveable Point


For over 23 years, Laserdarts has offered the finest, most carefully crafted darts available. In every price range, we spend extra time and care to make each Laserdart a masterpiece of metallurgy and machining. Quality does count. As a result, Laserdarts offer competitive advantages simply not available anywhere else:

Laserdarts set industry standards for weight consistency. Each Barrel undergoes a 3-12 step quality control procedure.

Exclusive, black oxide-coated stainless steel points grip the dartboard surface to minimize bounce-outs.

Professional model Laserdarts are precision machined from full density tungsten-nickel alloy... a metal more dense than 24-carat gold.

Uni-Directional GroovesLaserdarts was the first to introduce this revolutionary uni-directional cut in the early ‘70s. It has been adopted by many of the world’s dart manufacturers.

Each groove in a Laserdart is “unidirectional” with a machine edge at the front and gradual taper at the back. As you push forward, you feel it. As the barrel slides through your fingers, you don´t.

Multi-layered, vapor-deposited coatings of titanium/tantalum nitride, and titanium carbide on many models. These textured coatings provide grip benefits that are unsurpassed.

Did you know that a 95% tungsten dart is very brittle? At Laserdarts we make all of our darts 90% tungsten. This is for the player’s convenience of having a top quality dart.

All Laserdarts are packaged with extra flights and shafts.

Each Laserdart is covered by an exclusive No-nonsense Lifetime Warranty. Simply stated, if a barrel breaks with normal usage or is defective, we will replace it free of charge... FOREVER!
Please Note: Coatings are not guaranteed against wear. Intentional barrel breakage or barrel modification nullifies the Lifetime Warranty.

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