Cosmos Fit Standard - Air or Regular


Cosmos Fit System
2 kinds of flights available
Regular- a more ridged flight
Air - a more flexible lighter flight

2 kinds of Fit Flight exclusive shafts are available.
Locked - flight is firmly locked onto shaft with no movement
Spinning (does not spin in flight - only when contacted by another dart).
By spinning when hit - it reduces damage to the flight/shaft and deflection is minimized.
These shafts/flights have no wobble or looseness associated with metal joint spinning systems

The simple click into flight system - facilitates easy changing of flights and shafts.

The shaft end is completely covered by the tube of the flight lock-in system which protects the end of the shaft and makes 'robin-hooding' near to impossible.

Please choose both Color and Type when ordering.

Note: Because the Cosmos system has numerous colors and types and shapes - not all choices are available at all times. We will notify you of any shortages if you want a different choice or we can quickly order in any out-of-stock product.

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